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Serving Community -The 21st Century Teacher's

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 Being a 21st century teacher of the new Millennial Consumer is a challenge in its own way.We   understand the relevance of this change and  We will not only help the teaching fraternity to be ready with the new age classroom management skills but will also help them work towards the crucial pressing issues effecting students in this digital roller-coaster ride.  

Creating Internal Leaders-Train the Trainer

Instuiture Offerings - adhyapann The Skills Hub

 We believe in delivering quality Learning & Skill Development solutions that have a Direct And Measurable impact on key performance indicators . Building the skills of teachers and trainers which helps them use Technology ,Themes, Role plays while teaching - are helpful in building relationships And a  very effective tool for gaining competitive advantage.  

Story Telling Way - A Pedagogical Strategy

Instuiture Offerings - adhyapann The Skills Hub

 In education, stories or narratives have been used in different ways, one of the way is storytelling as a pedagogical strategy. As a pedagogical strategy, “teachers themselves [can] gain insights into their practices and set new directions for their ongoing professional development”. 

Parents Orientation Programme

Instuiture Offerings - adhyapann The Skills Hub

In Today's world of consumerism its very important for Parents and Teachers to partner the journey of Learning and development for Children . Parents today need and want to be educated on teaching methodology through interactive seminars,workshops, and open houses sessions for educational programs.

Employability Skills - The Next Leap

Instuiture Offerings - adhyapann The Skills Hub

A tool needed for Passing out students in schools and colleges , to get learning on  how to qualify for a Interview ,And not a Job .We guide you with useful tips that help you prepare for Interviews. Help you enhance your  skills to present yourself and highlight your skills and work to the Outside World . 

Personality Development -Teachers

Instuiture Offerings - adhyapann The Skills Hub

 The training module is aimed at the promotion of the strategies for the personality development of the Teachers. It covers  Introduction to Leadership, Effective Communication,    Individual Time Management, Introduction to Motivation, Its Relevance and types of Motivation, 

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