Customized Skill Training's for Learning, Development And Employability .


"adhyapann -The Skills Hub " is a Training Initiative to help Individuals And Organizations to Identify and Develop Skills.

Our Offerings

Certificate Skill Programs

Skill Programs -adhyapann The Skills Hub

  Enabling Jobs and Employ-ability by offering Skill Development Certificate Programs. As India moves towards becoming a global power, we focus on imparting Skills that are relevant to Indian Industry requirements. Our Endeavors is help individual’s to acquire skills so they have better chance for Job opportunities.

We at adhyapann offer Certificate Programs for various skills.

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Education Institute Offerings

adhyapann : Psychology and Mentoring Program

 Schools and colleges continually face the  challenges of integrating more Consumerism and Technology into Teaching . We offer Educational Solutions that expand Teachers’ reach and impact, engage Students in on-demand learning opportunities, and manage many of the administrative tasks that have expanded in recent years.   

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Corporate Trainings


  Identification of Training needs and developing skills & competencies of employees is an important part of Talent Management. Involving managers in creating a training schedule for each employee ensures empowerment. Training Management helps you in meeting all your training requirements. It can be customized to the specific needs of organizations.  We at adhyapann offer a one stop shop for these customized training's. 

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Psychology Internships

adhyapann : Psychology and Mentoring Program

Learn Through Live Experience , real clients and case studies .

1 month and 2 month program Internship and academic teaching support available .

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adhyapann Recruitment and Placements jobs

  With our rich experience in Retail and Fashion Industry we believe that its just not  getting some one a  job or filling a vacancy ,  

    Its all about building a career.

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Know Us

Dr Bhana Chadha _adhyapann the skills Hub

Dr Bhavna Chadha

Founded by Dr. Bhavna Chadha, “adhyapann-The Skill Hub” is a collaboration of Experienced Consultant Professors and Industry Experts. It forms an excellent blend of team with rich teaching experience and consultants form Industry who has been teaching. Within our consulting team us we have more than 100 years of experience of teaching and managing courses largely in Fashion, Retail. We also have had rich and vast exposure to many collaborative projects in our careers.

20+ Years experience 

Former VP- Corporate Relations & Alliances at Pearl Academy.

Neuro Clinical Psychologist 

Our Values



To provide Institutes and Individuals with the best prospects in the emerging  global workplace And to equip them for more effective contributions, quality ,innovation,customised employment through Skills Certificate Courses and Trainings.  



Provide Training and Development through quality learning experiences for individuals, industry , students  through innovative and customized training educational programs. Focusing  on Employee Development. Encouraging all trainees to identify and achieve their aspirations and move towards positive mental health .

Skills Excellence


We are Experienced professionals with a hunger and thirst for learning and   devotion to do the meaningful training's and Certificate Programs.

We are also committed to ensure that  our education and training for various skills  are aligned with  employment, and economic priorities.

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We love our customers, so feel free to drop us a query and we would call/ visit you at the earliest  .

"adhyapann- The Skills Hub"

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Monday - Saturday 9am to 5:00 pm 

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