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Emotional Regulation and Aptitude Tests

Students in their adolescence go through a lot ; not just in terms of choosing the right subjects, which will shape their career but also face various issues arising out of emotional regulation.

No two children are same and each one is unique in its own way. Each student will grow differently and each one will have to face different issues and problems in the world as each day unfolds a new opportunity and a new challenge will emerge.  


The objective of this orientation program at school is New Aged Careers And emotional Readiness: “The New Road ahead “

  • To help students and parents in understanding what emotional regulation is and how to manage it?

  •  It helps creating a strong bond between students and parents

  • Builds confidence in the students of their own abilities

  • Awareness about the changing dynamics of the opportunity market.

  • å Educating student and parents about new age skill.


Tests Available


Emotional Regulation

With Emotional Regulation Test we measure various  parameters and coping strategies.  

 It is assumed that in certain situations people may use specific strategies, which may divert from the strategies they would use in other situations. It may also be assumed that potentially  coping strategies can be influenced, changed, learned or unlearned.

Example: through psychotherapy, intervention programs or one’s own experiences. 


Aptitude Tests

  helpful in counseling or placing individuals in jobs and careers

An aptitude is a component of a competence to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. Outstanding aptitude can be considered "talent“. An aptitude test, by definition, is any type of assessment that evaluates the talent/ability/ potential to perform a certain task, with no prior knowledge and/or training.

This test is designed to provide a convenient, objectively- scorable measure of general ability or intelligence in the form of profile containing five verbal and five performance sub-tests. These sub-scales are substantially related to general intellectual ability, which has been consistently found to be important for choosing careers OR job performance in virtually all occupation. 

Patterns of high scores and low scores are helpful in counseling or placing individuals in jobs and careers that enable them to realize their potential.

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 The analysis of above helps students and parents to know more, which in-turn allows them to be open to accepting and respecting the thoughts and beliefs of the young children thereby creating an environment of harmony, trust and understanding. The concept of this methodology is to help participant to find the right path to reach his destination. Coaching, Mentoring and Discussion is certain methods that help in evaluating and guiding the participants to become self-reliant and contribute effectively for smooth functioning of the system. 

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